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7cb1d79195 Duncan, Tessa, and Richie attend a photographic exhibit featuring Immortal Gregor, and Duncan discovers that the other exhibitor is someone he loved decades earlier, who had sent him away in order to focus on her work. She recognizes him, but he doesn't know how to tell her that he is the same man she loved. Meanwhile, Gregor appears to have changed since Duncan knew him, as he appears to have become disillusioned and can no longer feel emotion.
No real spoilers here, because the eventual outcome of both story lines are very transparent, and both compliment each other on what it&#39;s like to be an Immortal.<br/><br/>To either completely stop caring about others, and live with the pain of the loss of such an essential part of Being, or to continue to care about others, and live with the pain of the loss of those you cared about when they eventually pass on.<br/><br/>The pain of the loss of something loved may dull over time, but it will always hurt, no matter what path you take.<br/><br/>One can chose to feel both pleasure and pain, or to feel neither.
An &quot;old friend&quot;, Greg, over the 100yr friendship, who sent tickets for a art show (photos) he is &quot;in it&quot;, and sees pics that are familiar to him, sees the one pic and knows why, and old love, this one mortal, took them. She sees him and just knows its him, even though he looks the same, all but those who know think she has &quot;lost it&quot;. Tess&#39;s face when she hears and sees, feels something, my guess, didn&#39;t think (2nd time happen though with Amanda was diff) she would see how Mac reacts with a former love who is mortal, yet he never told Linda about himself, leaving Tess to wonder why. She also tells him to tell her, as she tells Mac Linda &quot;feels&quot; it really is him but &quot;cant be&quot;. <br/><br/>Greg is really lost, almost dead inside, and the way he treats others, then destroys all those pics and Richie…well &quot;fights Mac&quot; &quot;looses&quot; but Mac sees there is hope, spares him as knows he has reached the human part of Greg and time will heal.<br/><br/>At the hospital, waits for Linda to wake and she feels like &quot;an old photo faded round the edges&quot;, and tells him she is foolish but he hands her a present and she is shocked and tells him to look away as she &quot;tears into them in excitement&quot;, his &quot;I remember&quot; has her looking at him but he says don&#39;t try to understand it and goes on to tell her he is so proud of her, always has been, she is so relieved as she never married, her work was her life, and also that she should not have left him…<br/><br/>Here you see, Mac would stay with Tess, had she not been murdered, and guessing would have stayed with Linda till her natural death, so seeing him talk an tell her proud of and so forth, great acting on APs part here, as he makes it seem possible that he would have stayed in love with her till the end and still has a love for her just diff, as she left and hasn&#39;t been a part of his life or he hers. So glad he listened to Tess, told him go see her tell her so she knows she not crazy.

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